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U disk function customization development service

At present, the U disk is the first choice gift and promotional item used by companies, units and organizations. In addition to the practicality of the U disk, and the logos of companies, organizations and organizations that can be printed on the U disk, the U disk has the following other value-added services that cannot be done with gifts:

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About capacity

The existing capacity of our factory's U disk is 256MB in small and 128GB in large. Common capacity is 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB, the capacity is different, the price is different.

About samples

   1. Our factory can produce samples according to customer requirements.
   2. The renderings can be designed free of charge according to customer requirements.
   3. Laser engraving LOGO or business card U disk color printing proofing, no proofing fee (product is not included).
   4. If you need silk screen LOGO, you need to charge proofing fee 300 yuan (order return) (product is calculated separately).


A minimum order of 100 models is required, and the actual order will be discussed in detail!

Payment terms

Sample: Laser logo and card color printing are free for proofing. For silk screen logo, a proofing fee of 300 yuan will be charged (products are not included)
Bulk goods: 30% of the total payment will be paid as a deposit after the order is placed, and the remaining balance will be paid when the inspection is completed and shipped. Shipment in batches is based on specific circumstances.

After-sales warranty

The warranty period of the product as a chip is 5 years. The warranty period of the product is black colloid for one year.
Other important matters:
1. After sending the repaired product, please contact our factory in time.
2. Make a backup of the files stored in the repaired product. Our factory is not responsible for repairing files and restoring materials.
3. When the product cannot be repaired, our factory only replaces the equivalent product during the warranty period.

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