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Optical store anniversary promotion gift blue pvc soft plastic glasses U disk

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Glasses is a simple optical device made to correct eyesight and protect eyes. It is a combination of lenses and frames. Moreover, glasses are both a tool for protecting eyes and a cosmetic decoration.

The following U disk is called glasses U disk. On the outer shell, the outer shell of the glasses U disk is made of PVC soft rubber material, which has certain characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and wear resistance, so as to better protect the U. The disk chip and the life of the U disk are used. In terms of appearance, the appearance of the U disk is made according to the appearance of daily glasses. The simulation effect is high, and the front color of the U disk shell is mainly dark blue. Color tone, the first feeling that this U disk gives is very soft, and the reverse side of the U disk is mainly black and white, it looks similar to sunglasses, when you need to use this U disk, It can be used directly by pulling directly along the middle gap of the U disk, which is convenient and fast.

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