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Factory direct sales of the new Macaron U disk dessert shop promotional gift U disk

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Macaron is a French bun that is more popular in recent years. It is also called macaron. It is a French dessert made with egg whites, almond flour, white sugar and frosting. In the middle of the cake there is also marmalade, cream and meat filling.

Today, I will introduce to you that this U disk is a food U disk. The shell is made of pvc material and the macaron U disk. The color of the U disk shell is mainly yellow. Macaron’s The colors are various, and this Macaron U disk can also customize the color of the appearance of the U disk according to the customer''s preference if the order quantity is large. It supports mix and match. Because the appearance of the U disk is based on the appearance of the macaron The modeling is made, so the simulation effect is high, and if you don’t look carefully, it will be mistaken for real macarons. The U disk is used in a push-pull method. There is a push-pull button on the back of the U disk. When in use, directly press the push-pull button to use it directly. After using it, return the button to the original way, and the U disk will be directly retracted into the U disk. The U disk body is the protective cover of the usb port.

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