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New gift metal rotating USB flash drive Promotional gifts metal rotating USB flash drive

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With the progress of the times, people''s demand for U disks is also increasing. In order for everyone to enjoy their work, U disk manufacturers continue to break through in appearance. While enjoying work, beautiful and personal U The appearance of the disk can also bring you a pleasant mood. The appearance of the U disk is strange. Among them, the fashionable and avant-garde business gifts that belong to Qingmi have a metal rotating U disk with a gorgeous appearance.

Recently, Shenzhen U-Flash USB flash drive manufacturers have launched a very stylish and lightweight metal fat 360-degree rotating USB flash drive. The appearance of this smooth and mirror-like USB flash drive is silver gray as the host color, using the standard USB2.0 Interface, no need to install drivers on mainstream operating systems, plug and play, convenient and fast, with waterproof and shockproof design, sealed against dust, anti-static, moisture, drop and wear, high temperature and other multiple protections. If it accidentally falls into the water, it can be taken out and dried to be used normally.

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