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Classical Beaded Chinese Knot Series Customized Chinese Style Metal Ruyi U Disk

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"Ruyi", as the name suggests, Ruyi Ruyi, everything goes well, is the traditional auspicious thing of the Chinese nation, which means extraordinary, promotes art and culture, is a Chinese style product. The shape of the metal Ruyi U disk to be introduced today is the shape of Ruyi, internal The function is a USB flash drive. It is a corporate memorial gift customized by a bookstore. It is designed and produced by our USB flash drive manufacturers. The Ruyi USB flash drive is also equipped with a characteristic Chinese beaded Chinese knot, which makes the entire USB flash drive look more antique.

The metal Ruyi USB flash drive manufacturer U-Flash customized this Ruyi metal USB flash drive, which is made of copper metal with classic charm and made into a Ruyi shape. It has a Chinese historical and cultural atmosphere. The logo of the bookstore is printed on the reverse side of Ruyi Metal. , To promote for the bookstore, this style is a Chinese style creative gift U disk, Ruyi metal U disk are all hand-made and carefully made Ruyi storage disk, wonderful presentation, both ancient culture and modern creative gift U disk . It also wears three tassels with Chinese knots in different colors. The workmanship is very exquisite, which is really a gift.

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