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Love of cartoon anime fans Creative Christmas cartoon snowman clown U disk

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Open-mold U disk has always been the main force of custom U disk models. With the increasing use of U disks in daily work, there are also a variety of shapes, including animals, characters, and objects. Yes, our USB flash drive manufacturers also made many creative cartoon USB flash drive styles according to their own imagination. Today we are going to introduce a super simple three-dimensional circular USB flash drive, cartoon clown USB flash drive.

This USB flash drive called Creative Christmas Cartoon Snowman Clown is also a mobile phone pendant U disk. It is equipped with a full metal key chain, snow white body, black eyes, and a big pink nose. In the overall design of this U disk, The pink nose can reflect the characteristics of the clown. At the time of Christmas that is coming soon, the cartoon Christmas snowman U disk must be a very popular gift.

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