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Metal Diamond Jewelry Elephant USB Flash Drive Customized Memorial USB Flash Drive

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The appearance of this U disk is designed according to the appearance of animal elephants. The front part of the U disk is inlaid with white and red diamonds. The appearance material of the U disk is made of metal, and the metal shell At the same time, the polishing process and hollowing technology are also used to make the U disk look more beautiful and shining. The overall color of the U disk is mainly gold, and the U disk uses the push-pull method as the main method of use. On the reverse side of the U disk A push-pull button with a white background is designed. When you use it, you can directly operate the button. After you use it, you can directly retract the push-pull button back into the U-disk body. A hook is designed on the tip of the elephant''s nose Rope holes, attaching hanging chains to lanyard holes, etc. become a stylish and personalized decoration.

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